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‘Painting is self-discovery. Every true artist paints what he is.’

     Jackson Pollock

AnthonyHodgsonArt is the platform for the various creative endeavours of the Northern British artist of the same name. It was founded in 2012 and has since grown to encompass fine art, poetry, jewelry, music, video and clothing, all of which can be found on the Products page. Here also can be found WhitbyGothic and RadicalClothing.

The Artist

Anthony Hodgson was born and grew up in North Yorkshire, UK. As the eldest of five, his early life was spent in the ancient port of Whitby. In 1986 he moved to Leeds to study History but spent the next four years drinking his way through the Gothic and Grunge subcultures before meeting Mylene, his wife-to-be. In 1990 he graduated in History and went to London where he survived for 3 years before crossing the sea to France to be nearer to his muse. After many adventures, Anthony and Mylene were married in 2000 and settled in London. Following a spiritual renaissance, Anthony left full-time work to focus on developing his artistic gifts. He currently lives in West Norwood, London with Mylene and their two children.